Tongliao City, Kerqin District: Renovation of urban environmental health to enhance the people’s happiness index

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Tongliao City, Kerqin District: Renovation of urban environmental health to enhance the people’s happiness index

Renovation of urban health environments, let residents live together, is an important part of urban management. The changes in the environment have made residents in their hearts. Liu Xiaofei is a merchant for a mobile phone warmers in the Korqin District of Tongliao City. It is familiar with the 20 years of the industry in front of this small street in front of the door. It is said that he is very difficult to say "an acre three-point land".

"I didn’t dare to enter the car in front of this market, and the car came in to blocked the inside. Now the traffic is convenient, and the people come back to returning.

This rectification is really good, or therefore, this is often stumble in front of the door, and then the side of this person is not going to walk, and it is full of dangling, and now, the door is clear, It is also clean, convenient for ordinary people.

"Liu Xiaofei said.

Urban management affects the people’s homes, neat, convenient, safe, and warm urban environments are important parameters to improve urban happiness index, and is also the responsibilities of the urban management supervision team. For a long time, the city management supervisory brigade of the Cole, the city management supervision team has been engaged in the construction of the city image of "Solving Mincoss, Dragonfly".

In order to achieve the cultural management of urban management, normalization, the Kerqin District Urban Management Supervision Brigade gives full play to the exemplary role of party members, and established 65 party members of the party members, went deep into Wanda Pedestrian Street, Jiuzhong Municipality, Flower and Bird Fish Market, etc. . Wang Cheng, director of the party office of the city management supervision brigade of the Corqin District, said: "Our district management brigade is mainly for urban management hotspot issues, master the situation in front, inspecting inspections in front, solving the problem in front, we have to have a chaotic ‘problem, Take action on the public environment, public management, to rectify the surrounding environment of Xishun Road, Tuanjie Road Trade Zone, Wholesale City, Central Street, Pedestrian Street, Farmers Market, Bounce, Street BBQ, Outside Business, Pet Starting, The road to increase the law enforcement, solving the public’s non-private occupied motor vehicle parking berths to rectify, enhance the level of cities in the main urban area of ??the Corqin District. "Summer arrivals make the morning market, pedestrian street, flower bird fish market to bend purchase More and more people, the merchants’ stapperspers, the trash, vehicles, etc., have increased the difficulty of urban management.

In order to improve the sense of consumption experience and happiness, reduce disorder parking phenomena, the law enforcement personnel of the urban management supervision brigade of the Cole-Town City management supervision team strictly restricts the expansion time of the morning market, and conduct all-weather inspection, timely clearing the vehicle, and re-planning Parking along the street, fully enhance the intensity of the city’s capacity market.

By advocacy, persuasion, education, etc., guide the majority of merchants and the owners to consciously maintain their health and create a civilized urban environment.

Next, the Kerqin District will continue to strengthen refinement, normalization management as the main legitors to improve urban quality, further optimize law enforcement methods, innovate management mechanisms, improve management level, to create a civilized city and health city into powerful motivation . (Yongmei Yang Zhe) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.