Qinhuangdao Port opened the first low-carbon sea land new channel

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Qinhuangdao Port opened the first low-carbon sea land new channel

Original title: Qinhuangdao Port opened the first low-carbon sea and land new channel on September 18th, the first sea rail transport container train issued by Baoding Jingxiong International Smart Hong Kong into Qinhuangdao Hong Kong New Harbor Container Terminal. The deposit boxes of the Baoding in Hong Kong will take the Qinhuangdao Port as the transfer base. On September 22, the "new tulip" round to South Korea is equipped on September 22.

This marks the new level of the Green Efficient Cross-border Haitro-Hong Kong Green Efficient Cross-border Haitrid, which has opened up "Baoding – Qinhuangdao Port – Incheon", China. This is the reporter learned from the Provincial Development Reform Commission. Since this year, under the guidance of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission’s landing port development center, Qinhuangdao Port actively promotes the construction of modern integrated trade ports and accelerates the layout of the inland port. Qinhuangdao Port and Tail International Transportation Co., Ltd. jointly investigates the demand for supply and export of supply and enterprises in Baoding to promote the path of "public transfer" optimization of transportation structure, formulating "Jingxiong International Wisdom Hong Kong + Qinhuangdao Port" to overseas Strong, low-cost green low-carbon seatrooped multi-purpose transport plan reduces corporate transportation costs and improves transportation efficiency.

It is reported that the shipping new channel is full of "container railway + container line" transportation mode, which is less energy consumption in the past, and less emissions. The new channel achieves seamless docking inland ports and coastal ports, but also performs domestic trade, foreign trade, "all the way" and China-European class, China’s Dongmeng class transport business, China can radiate East China, South China, international radiation Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and Central Asia will effectively promote interval cargo circulation and economic and trade exchanges, and help build new development patterns of domestic international dual cycles.

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