Science and technology empowerment, financial services expand new space

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Science and technology empowerment, financial services expand new space

Source of data: People’s Bank of China and other nations must revitalize and village will revitalize.

The Year of the 14th Five-Year Plan is fully promoted into the rural resolution. All regions, relevant financial institutions for the financial problems encountered in rural revitalization, the existing funds, through scientific and technological empowerment, product innovation, policy support, etc., providing a continuous financial support for rural resolution, providing a continuous financial support. From today, this version launched the "Financial Innovation Rural Rural Revitalization" report, paying attention to the new measures, new practice, new achievements, multi-angle, in the financial industry, and serving "three rural", and serves "three farmers". Financial better serves rural revitalization to provide reference.

– Editor’s "Digital Country" comprehensive service platform – big data protruded from the "enormous umbrella" reporter Ge Mengchao time value gold autumn, Ganoderma lucidum also entered the harvest season.

Entering planting households is located in the Ganoderma Ganoderma Ganoderma, which is located in Tangwan Town, Yingtan County, Jiangxi, and only one plant, such as umbrella, long. In the greenhouse, many Picking Ganoderma lucidum is drying, and the worker puts a bag of bags to dry the dry spirits to the factory for processing.

Little Ganoderma lucidum has supported the "get into umbrella" for local farmers.

"Don’t look at Ganoderma lucidum, but it is a treasure!" Kong normally introduced to the reporter, Ganoderma lucidum itself can enter the medicine, can also make a bonsai for watch, Ganoderma lucidum spore powder also has a high medicinal value. In October last year, more than 20,000 Ganoderma lucidum have been basically long. It is expected that the relevant sales of Ganoderma lucidum will exceed 500,000 yuan this year.

These years, due to the hard work and village support, Kong Ganoderma lucidum is getting better and better, and he has had more than 10 Ganoderma lucidum planting greenhouses.

However, with the expansion of planting scale, the fund problem makes him difficult. "Planting Ganoderma lucidum needs to buy raw materials such as wood chips, plus the cost of labor costs and greenhouses, and the overhead is not small.

"The hole is normal. This spring, the staff of the local ICBC took the initiative to find the well.

"We learned from the village to the old hole in the loan demand, and in the field in his green shed.

The old hole of Ganoderma lucidum business is well developed, and there is more than 100 square meters of homesteads in the village to be mortgaged.

"Sang Wenao, deputy director of the ICBC Guiji Branch, said. Who knows, when the bank is planning to lend, it is difficult to take a question.

"We have consulted the relevant departments in the village and the town, and found that due to the temporary registration of the system registration problem, the mortgage registration of the homestead is not allowed. If the mortgage of the homestead, the lack of repayment is guaranteed, the old hole’s loan may I can’t get my hand.

"Song Wenao said, in this case, the ultimate decision on the" digital rural "comprehensive service platform built in ICBC, publicized the collateral situation of the old hole, and distributed 300,000 yuan of loans smoothly, year The interest rate is only%.

What is the "Digital Country" integrated service platform for the old hole to solve the loan puzzle? "The ‘digital rural’ comprehensive service platform is based on new generation information technology such as block chain, big data, and artificial intelligence. It provides a rural management department, village committee, village collective, villagers, etc. Digital solutions for finance, finance, financial services’.

"The General Manager of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Bank of Industry and Commercial Bank of China, said. In the past, there were difficulties in farmers, farmers, villagers, and villagers, etc. In the comprehensive service platform, the "three-party management, clear production, property rights trading", and the Industrial and Commercial Bank to help the local agricultural rural departments, the village committee effectively promote the reform of the rural collective property rights system, and the establishment of the rural collective economic organization, registration and other links Supporting. In this process, the platform collection has mastered basic data such as village collective business income, rural homestead, land circulation, land contractual management rights.

"Detailed data is supported, and the bank staff provides financial services such as loans.

"Shi Lijun said.

In addition to financial services, the "Digital Country" comprehensive service platform also helps rural finance, village affairs achieve more transparent management.

"The" Digital Country "comprehensive service platform will be transferred to the line from the line, and the online application, approval, payment settlement, account balance and detailed query," greatly improve the approval efficiency. "ICBC Yingtan Branch President Li Qiang said. Since the "Digital Country" comprehensive service platform, the government departments, banks, and peasants have achieved a win-win situation. Up to now, ICBC rely on the platform has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 18 provincial agricultural rural areas, and reached an informational cooperation with more than 700 county-level agricultural rural areas, including 31 provinces, 232 land. Shi Lijun said, the next step, the Industrial and Commercial Bank will continue to invade the new technology of science and technology to establish a new agricultural financial service system, so that the mobile phone has become the "new farmer" of farmers, and the data has become a "new agricultural resources" in rural areas. Block Chain Casting Retrocence Platform – Small 枸杞 Plug in "Gold & Wings" Ge Meng Chao Wu Tao Huanghe Jinghishan Gorge enters Ningxia, after the Zhongwei City Zhongning County is northless. The Wei Ning Plain, which is the Yellow River, is the origin of Ningxia and the origin of the origin. The nourishing of the Yellow River water has also created the unique quality of Zhongning. "It’s hard! This small one can be could not stand the toss of the weather.

Changes in temperature and soil humidity, the length of illumination time, etc., will have a greater impact on the growth of 枸杞. "Say this is Zhongning planting households Chen Jiangtao, although in the middle and late October, it is already the end of this year, but he and everyone still busy in the field of 枸 枸.

To solve the troubles of the planting, you have to rely on technology innovation.

"We can now collect, irrigation, fertilization, picking, processing, etc., and record, record, so that every 枸杞 has its own standardized production profile.

"Ping An insurance is the secondary stone project manager Zhang Bi Shu said that all of this is achieved by the block chain production of the Ping An insurance.

In the safe and secure intelligence poverty alleviation industry base, big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies have been widely used in all aspects of production, processing and sales.

"You don’t look at this device, it is actually a long-awaited anti-therapeutic and anti-crash system, which can monitor the pests of pests and pegs in real time through the camera." Zhang Biyu said that the reporter said another A set of equipment, "This set of equipment can be used to monitor temperature and soil humidity, and there are dozens of intelligent networked equipment in more than 7,200 mu of 枸杞 field in our base.

Through the monitoring of these devices, the situation in the field can be at a glance.

"Block chain production places have played a big role in small 枸杞." The platform can record the total growth cycle of 枸杞, and establish a online production file; also can monitor the production, processing process and specific operators of 枸杞, help Relevant enterprises and plantations have improved production standards, for example, can help plantations to arrange irrigation and fertilization time according to weather changes, and prevent pests in advance. "Zhang Bi said that by mastering big data, the platform can generate a unique traceable label for 枸杞. Consumers can learn from the mobile phone to scan the QR code on the product packaging, and produce, production, processing and transport. Procedure. In addition to the production process of 杞 is more transparent, the application of block chain production places also makes 枸杞 enterprises more financial security.

Zhang Bi said that the data on the platform, the promotion of the "block chain production" model is launched, this model can achieve production quality management, product traceability certification and other functions, but also expanded the production of 杞 companies in production And the range of risk protection in the sales phase.

"Drop, the design of the liability insurance is based on the design.

Once food safety issues, the loss of the company will be borne by insurance companies, which is equivalent to doing quality assurance for 枸杞 brands.

"The application of block chain technology is one of the practices of Ping An Group to help praise the practice of praise.

Sichuan Oil Olives, Shaanxi Apple, Gansu Jinshi, Guangxi Brass, Inner Mongolia Sheep … Many Ping An Intelligence Agricultural Project has plugged in "gold wings". Let the data run more, let the farmers run less. The relevant person in charge of Ping An Group said that Ping An Group is actively exploring better combination of satellite remote sensing, Internet of Things, blockchain, etc., providing higher quality financial services for rural areas. Next, we must vigorously develop rural Pu Hui Finance, continue to strengthen financial technology in rural areas, and develop financial products suitable for agricultural rural areas, increase the high standard farmland, modern seed industry, rural construction, green development and rural industries, etc. The support of the key areas. "People’s Daily" (18th edition, November 01, 2021) (Editor: 梦 婕, Jia Ru) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.