The first lesson of "Tiangong Classroom" opened to ignite the dream of child space

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The first lesson of "Tiangong Classroom" opened to ignite the dream of child space

The picture shows the students to follow the asynchronous experiment.

Lhasa integrated reporter Soqua Recently, the first lesson of the "Tiangong Classroom" favorite of the majority of young students, Shenzhou No. 13 passenger staff conducted space stations in space stations. More than 100 students from the Sixth Middle School of Lhasa, in the Tibetan Planet Annual Experience Hall, witnessed the "Tiangong Classroom", and made an interesting experiment with astronauts.

  Before starting, students came to the Tibetan Planet Astronomical Experience Museum early, interact with the host, and the students under the top of the audience were actively raised.

At 3:40 in the afternoon, the three astronauts in Shenzhou Thirtays conducted space in China Space Station. It is understood that after eight years, China Astronauts once again taught in space, and the first space of China Space Station.

  In about 60 minutes of teaching, three "space teachers" vividly introduced the scene of working life in space stations, demonstrated magical phenomena such as cytology experiments, human motion, liquid surface tension in micro-gravity environments, and explained the science behind the experiment. principle.

  During the teaching, astronauts exchanged with the ground classroom teachers and students in real time through video calls, and the students under the top of the stage watched all the courses.

  The Sixth Middle School of Lhasa said: "Through the ‘Tiangong Classroom’, not only improve the child to explore the mystery of the universe, but more excited the children who are not afraid of dancing, and brave, the" aerospace ", which is China, which is China. Juvenile ‘Technology Dreams, let them intuitively feel the great achievements of the aerospace industry, greatly enhance their children’s love. "At the same time, students also follow the astronauts to try to carry out related experiments in terms of ground, from the world difference Perceive the mystery of the universe, experience the fun of exploration, spread people’s space knowledge, and inspire the majority of young people’s interest in science. "Through ‘Tiangong Classroom’, I believe that astronaut’s uncle’s aunt suffers from the difficulties and stresses of ordinary people, so we have to learn their spirit of creating and struggling, and strive to learn, and become a useful person for the country.

"The Sixth Middle School Student of Lhasa said Dawaram.

(Editor: Chen Mengmeng).