The National Games Women’s Railway Competition ends Henan women’s row to win the first win seventh

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The National Games Women’s Railway Competition ends Henan women’s row to win the first win seventh

  Henan women have a long-lost victory.

Our reporter Deng Ranjing Botham Xi’an News (Reporter Huang Hui Li Yue) On September 23 In the last round of the circle, the Zhejiang women’s volleyball team not only ushered in the first victory of the National Games, but also ranked seventh in a 3rd point of 1 won, 3 points, and won only one victory of Zhejiang women’s volleyball team only 2 The scope fell to the eighth.

After the long-lost victory, Zhu Ting was willing to celebrate with teammates.

  It should be said that this game is a war of honor.

Since the previous record is poor, the rankings of Henan women’s volleyball teams and Zhejiang women’s volleyball team are in the next two bits of eight entrances. This game, Henan women’s volleyball team, beat Zhejiang women’s volleyball team at 3:0 or 3: 1, ranking can rise, force Zhejiang female ranking column seventh.

Conversely, if Zhejiang female row can get 3 points, you can also surpass the Guangdong women’s volleyball team. Zhu Ting, which is still hurt, and is on the scene to refuel the teammates. Henan women’s volleyball team sent the main attack Wang Yun, Han Wen, and Zi Huangrui, Mao Yi, and the second pass Zhang Yihan and the free people Huang Wenjing; Zhejiang women’s row is the main attack Li Jing, Sun Ruozhen, deputy attack Liu Yu, Yang Yuxi, take Zhu Yuezhou, Second Chuan Wang Na and free people Wang Huimin. In the end, it is the war of honor. The first parties will bite all the way to 23, and the Henan women’s volleyball team will win with two key balls.

The second bureau has continued to win, and one will be ahead of 25:20. The third bureau, the Zhejiang women’s row, there is a lot of improvement, one degree leads to 14:11,18:15, but the Henan women’s volleyball, who has already played the moment, will finally take the third game at 25:21.

  After this round of competition, the 14th National Games Women’s Rank Admixture ended.

Tianjin women’s volleyball team and Jiangsu women’s volleyball team with a 6-win-win, the Tianjin women’s volleyball team won 19 points in the last 1 round surpassed the opponent Jiangsu women’s volleyball team, and the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team in 17 points was second.

Get 4 Tianjin women’s volleyball team before the cycle, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team, Liaoning women’s volleyball team, is among the top 4. Rank 3rd, the fourth place of Liaoning women’s volleyball team and the Shanghai women’s row will determine the semi-final opponent by drawing.

  Shandong women’s volleyball team, Guangdong women’s volleyball, Henan women’s volleyball team, and Zhejiang women’s discharge won the fifth to eighth place of this year.

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